artGuide Magazine was founded in 2010 with the  purpose of promoting and advocating the visual arts.  Through innovative editorials, calendar of events, and a full gallery and museum directory with maps, artGuide serves its patron readership with a one-of-a-kind, all inclusive source of art information.

Published twelve times a year, artGuide informs readers about the happenings of the entire visual arts community, from galleries, museums, art schools, artists, events, and organizations.  Through a simple layout, professionally written editorials, and large illustrations, artGuide attracts an ever-growing readership from patrons.

Since 2010 artGuide has grown into a regional leader of art promotion.  Through partnerships with top art museums, top art organizations, and top art schools artGuide has been able to develop sought-after content that art patrons value.

Upcoming partnerships with high-tech mobile app developers will see a first-in-the-nation gallery guide app covering art scenes from across the nation.

Our perpetual growth and wide reach ensures the promotion of art to a very targeted art-centric readership.



  • artGuide is the only visual arts publication that distributes stacks of magazines FOR FREE to the patrons of 300+ art galleries.
  • Differing monthly Features and changing Monthly Segments with art museum, art school, art gallery, and artist editorials bring unique content management.
  • Calendar of events spanning multiple states.
  • Full art gallery and art museum directory with maps, names, and contact information.


  • Innovative art news blog updated daily with information from art museums, art galleries, art schools, art organizations, and artists.
  • Full calendar of events spanning multiple states.
  • Full directory of art galleries and art museums.
  • Full readable digital versions of the print magazine.
  • Daily social media updating.


  • Soon to be released!
  • The only smart phone gallery guide app encompassing the US.
  • App can scan print magazine images and take you to exhibit information.
  • App has a locator - bringing you the gallery information nearest to you.
  • 100% free to download


Art and aviation enthusiasts Thomas and Elizabeth Gilanyi founded artGuide in 2010 as a small local art publication.  Since then their management of artGuide's print and online publications has expanded artGuide to multiple states on the East Coast.  With ever-growing content and readership artGuide is perpetually expanding to national coverage. 

Thomas Gilanyi
An avid art patron and licensed private pilot, Thomas Gilanyi grew up in New York City where his artist parents introduced him to art galleries, art museums, and SOHO art studios at an early age.

Thomas became involved in the Los Angeles art community while attending UCLA where he finished with a Bachelor's Degree in History and Political Science.  Thomas moved back to New York City to attend Law School where he finished with an emphasis on Art Law, later assisting artists and galleries with legal issues related to the visual arts. After several years of practicing law and ingraining himself in the visual arts community of Charlotte, Thomas decided to start an art publication which focused on high-value editorial content and a fact-based exhibit/calendar directory.

Now back in the art world Thomas states "I was always the book worm in the family, reading books and focusing on writing school papers and going to law school.  However the older I became the stronger the pull was for me to go back to the art world I experienced as a child.  I guess you can say it took separating myself from the art world to realize how much I wanted to be a part of it again.  Now my life revolves 100% around art, both personally and professionally, and I love it!"

Elizabeth Gilanyi 

Elizabeth grew up in an "artsy" family of artists, singers, and performers in the Charleston area.  Being the nerd amongst artists Elizabeth decided to focus on books and her studies, going to college to study Aeronautical Engineering.

Post-collegiate Elizabeth fell back into the world of artsy-ness with artGuide.  Studying graphic design and mastering content development, Elizabeth now immerses herself in art world happenings, and as co-owner of artGuide has become an integral partner of this rapidly growing art business - a place she would never dreamed she would be.

"Coming from an engineering background of absolutes I never thought I would be a part of the art world. However over the course of the last 7 years I fell in love with art from an organic art education and appreciation angle.  This organic growth has allowed me to experience art, not just learn about it and has made me one of the most enthusiastic art patrons around - I can't imagine my life without it!"