artGuide innovative online platform - - is quickly growing into the only national Gallery Guide directory of galleries and museums from across the United States.  Dozens of states and hundreds of cities, each encompassing many galleries make up this one-of-a-kind Gallery Guide.

  • High traffic and click-through rates are a focus at artGuide to ensure that patrons reach your artwork and exhibits.
  • All posts on are back-linked to their respective State and City Gallery Guide pages - increasing traffic to your gallery/museum.
  • Additionally all State and City Gallery Guide pages are linked on outside resource pages, such as other Galleries and Museums, Visitor Bureau's, Tourism Boards, Art Councils, Chamber of Commerce's, Hotels, etc.

Link to your website

- Linking gallery name on your city Gallery Guide page.
- Auto-renewed after one year.


Image and Gallery Description

- Includes linking gallery name.
- Image of gallery.
- 70-word description of gallery.
- Contact information.
- Auto-renewed after one year. 


Post events on the Calendar

- Post your events in artGuide Calendar.
- Event will appear in homepage Calendar.
- Click-through to full event information.
- Event posting on Facebook and Twitter.




Place artwork images on City and/or State Gallery Guide page

- Choice of artwork image on City Gallery Guide Page and/or State Gallery Guide Pages.
- Artwork image links to your website.
- Includes gallery name, artist name, title, year, medium, and dimensions.
- Image will be featured for 30 days.

$30/image/30 days

Post editorials/press releases on artGuide's blog

- Full post on
- Up to 4 images with post.
- Post will appear on art post/art news page.
- Search-able tags for easy access.
- Post will appear on homepage post scroll.
- Post will be shared on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

$130/blog post

Features on artGuide

- Feature Banner on artGuide's homepage.
- Banner links to full advertorial with up to 4 images.
- Banner will run on Homepage for 30 days.
- 2 social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
- Search-able tage for easy access.