Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

Photo Credit: Adobe Stock


In September artGuide will be featuring the Triangle as an Arts Destination.  

3 times a year artGuide chooses an exciting art scene to highlight.  artGuide's 45,000+ readers look forward to reading about Museums, Galleries, and Artists in each featured Arts Destination city.  

artGuide distributes 10,000 magazines for free in 200+  top art galleries and museums.  Reach the patrons of those galleries and museums!


As part of this special Arts Destination section you will receive:

  • 100-120 word editorial
  • large image of artwork
  • Scanning images with "artGuide App" - smart phone app
  • Online page on with social media posts

Participation Rates:

Level 1 - $450 - 100-120 word editorial, large image, smart phone app linking, online editorial, social media posts

Level 2 - $650 - everything in Level 1, plus a 1/2-page advertisement in the front of the magazine

Level 3 - $950 - everything in Level 1, plus full-page advertisement in the front of the magazine


 For more information feel free to email us at:, or call  Thomas Gilanyi at 917-968-3306.